28 August 2009

Nurburgring...two video!

This is a video taken by a friend of mine this summer at the Nurburgring circuit with one camera on board, one rear camera on the back-right side and one on the front-right side. Take a look at this fuckin'bastard pilot!! ten minute for 1 round circuit... Go Marco Go!!!!

27 August 2009

I'd Like To Be

I'd Like To Be from David Firth on Vimeo.

Stop Frame animated made in 2005 but didn't edit until 2007. Abstract but with a sort of plot. A man leaves his wife and kids and buries himself. Music by LOOM.I loved the effect when you see him driving the car from outside the windshield, the lights and shadows etc. Good stuff.

23 August 2009

Shadowplay (2002)

Shadowplay (2002) from Dan B. on Vimeo.

In August of 1945, in a closing chapter of the second World War, a blinding flash lit the sky over Hiroshima. The places that were shielded from that searing light became permanent shadows on the city's walls and streets, while the city itself was decimated. "Shadowplay" is the story of Akio, a shadow of a young boy, who wanders the city searching for his family, while trying to make sense of the unfathomable atrocity.

What Author says:
I am often asked what the catalyst was for me to create "Shadowplay". I first learned of the “shadow” images left from the atomic blast back in high school. Being part of a generation that is desensitized to violence, the photos of victims’ charred bodies, grotesque deformities, or other complications from radiation exposure did not strike as much of an emotional chord with me as the “shadows” of Hiroshima did.
With a blinding flash, huge slabs of concrete worked like emulsion paper, creating silhouetted photographs of that split-second of power. Shadows were left of people going about their everyday lives: a man washing a window, one casually entering a bank, another about to whip his horse. No other word more aptly describes these ghosted images in Hiroshima other than “haunting”.
These are the reflex images I think of when there is talk of nuclear threats or weapons of mass destruction. Like chalk outlines at a crime scene, the faceless poses make me realize, “This could have been anyone, anywhere.” For someone who never lived through World War II or the Atomic Age, the shadows are a timeless, unforgettable portrayal of life stopping.
As I began my career in animation, I tried to explore the medium and its boundaries in dramatic storytelling. I have been fascinated by how an audience can be moved by something so “inanimate” as animation, and wanted to see how far I could push this boundary. The shadows of Hiroshima seemed obvious subject matter to me. I knew the difficulty in trying to have an audience relate to a character with no face and no eyes, or for that matter, ones that don’t even move. But, as I learned during the basics of animation, poses are the most important aspect of character animation. No poses are more expressive and have more subtext than the shadow-people of Hiroshima.
I hope you find this film to be a touching, respectful, and heartfelt film about the horrors of war. For an American making a film about a Japanese tragedy, it seems that my film could only be aimed at a global audience, for all sides of conflicts worldwide. But I also hope than you can see the power animation can have as a means for dramatic storytelling, and that the medium still has uncharted territories to explore. I hope the images in “Shadowplay” move you the way they moved me. Thank you.
Dan Blank

Awards and Honors:
Winner: Best Animated Short


Winner: Jimmy Stewart Crystal Heart Award
Honorable Mention: Animation Category

Winner: Audience Award: Best Animation

Winner: Best Animation
ASIFA-EAST ANIMATION FESTIVAL Second Place: Best Student Animation
Second Place: Best Film
NYU FIRST RUN FESTIVAL -Best Achievement in Animation -Adam Balsano Award for a Film with a Social Significance -Award of Excellence for Cinematography - Award of Excellence for Art Direction - Award of Excellence for Score
PRODUCTION AWARDS AND GRANTS -THE 2001 George Heinemann Production Award-THE 2001 Russell Hexter Film Maker Award-THE 2001 Thomas-Gidro Frank Award-THE 2001 Clive Davis Award for Excellence in Music-THE 2000 Richard Protovin Memorial Award-THE 2000 Charles & Lucille King Family Foundation Award


Writer, Director, Animator and Produced by Dan Blank & Cynthia Allen
Cast: Jennifer Kato, Takeo Matsushita, Jun Kim, Ako.
Music: Ryan Shore

20 August 2009

Underwater Opera

Underwater Opera from Escape to Nature on Vimeo.

"Underwater Opera" - is a sample of the diving experience during project "Escape to Nature". Don't forget to turn your speakers loud to enjoy the movie!!! ;-)

Escape to nature is a long term project of two adventurous professional photographers and movie makers from Prague, Czech Republic (Petra Dolezalova & Libor Spacek).

Their sense of feeling nature leads to the idea of capturing natural parts of the world in our products and to share it with you. They would like to demonstrate everything that They're passionate about, what no one can forget, what everybody needs for life, what every person has to preserve, and what everybody has to know, and how people have to save the future!

They're at the beginning!!Keep on goin'!!!

Producer and Filmmaker: Escape to Nature (Libor Spacek and Petra Dolezalova)

Video and music edited by Tomas Dolezal (Vizage)


UW housing: GATES

Lights: 4x 250watts Green Force

19 August 2009

ZackBrandit revised Lookar.Tv : Thanks so much!!

I would like to thank in some way the kind crew of ZackBrandit, so I decide to publish what they say about my site; in this way everyone comes here can read how PRO they are!!
Thanks so much!


Hi Mike,Thanks for joining. We are busy but do not worry, we take at least 2 hours in the day to read, discuss the blog and give review.You said it in this post: Gnarls Barkley - Who's Gonna Save My Soul"Everything I publish on this blog has a particular attitude to art, graphic or something results unique in my perception of things"We also know a group of bloggers who have the same attitude, the same communication style and I think I met more than 2 today, :-)
These bloggers are free thinkers who enjoy chasing enriching, emotional experiences.Their goal is sharing their perception and how they feel improvement may be accomplished (it depends on the blogs), improve things and prefer offering ideas and brainstorming rather than trying to in influence their readers to think exactly like them.
Your blog content and writing style are very personal and the fact that you rarely use this blog to interact with followers shows that you prefer being part of larger communities where you prefer to get in touch with these followers.We can see that you are a laid-back blogger and who prefers not to focus only on his own knowledge.
That's why we can see various link in the blog and also all around the blog.It's the kind of blog where people can feel comfortable but the blog could sometimes looks like a monologue.You love to discover and discuss new and interesting products and services which connect with your unique set of values. People who blog like you are usually not attracted by stylish items but love art, books and bio-friendly or green products and do not hesitate to write about them and link to them; hence their use of affiliation networks.
On the other hand, most of them do not try to profit from their blogs and tend to decide against advertising, which is not your case :-) You are the exception :-)

Your readers may perceive your blog like an Idealist (Today is the Idealist Day)

The IdealistFocused on making their world a better place, the Idealists are constantly looking for the truth and its meaning.Driven by what they perceive as the greater good, they tend to have a strong value-system and find principles to be of great importance.

Your Idealist Zilhouette


JumpTrumpRumpBump from Molasses Murphy on Vimeo.

"A gorgeous experimental animation, JumpTrumpRumpBump brings together recycling, a little girl, escaped convict animals and Jazz." Author says about the technique he uses: "It's traditional animation for the girl and the scenes outside the treehouse at night and walking to the jam session. Pencil on paper photographed with a digital camera. The rest is digital cutout animation. Lots of drawn pieces of the characters scanned in, edited in Photoshop and then animated in After Effects. The cameras & compositing are done in that software too", and I think it's really a good job.

His real name is Justin Daniel Murphy. He's a Canadian Animator and Designer. He recently graduated from AnimationMentor.com and he has also received a Bachelor of Media Arts (Animation Major) from Emily Carr University.


17 August 2009

Gnarls Barkley - Who's Gonna Save My Soul

Everything I pubblish on this blog has a particular attitude to art, graphic or something results unique in my perception of things. Don't mind if you don't like the subject of this video (my wife can't see this for more than 15 sec. after the man takes the knive...), but try to immagine what stand behind and all the working hours for assemble such a good product. My rate is ***** five stars.

Have a nice day, Mike.

Gnarls Barkley - Who's Gonna Save My Soul from Chris Milk on Vimeo.

15 August 2009

GPS Tracker with SMS Message

SMS Message GPS Tracker- with this handy little device you'll be able to track and object or yourself from a remote location using ordinary GSM SMS messages. The small lightweight device houses a SIM card and battery, and is able to be used anywhere you have GSM and GPS coverage.

During a quick and painless setup process you'll be able to set the time of tracking refreshes as well as the remote phone the device will keep in contact with. After setup it's as simple as "asking" the GPS device to start tracking or just for a single location result, you can even use contact the tracker with voice and whoever has the tracker can reply using the built in microphone.
The SMS given to you from the tracker shows location, speed and the date with time. Suitable uses include asset protection, plotting routes and keeping track of children. A very unique product that is sure to do well in your drop shipping supplied shop, secure your sample today and get tracking!
This is a tri-band product working on the frequencies of 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz.


Spy Camera Watch - All-Metal Watch With 8GB Memory

Presenting sheer elegance and beauty from a smart spy camera wrist watch. This spy camera watch can be worn with both casual and smart evening wear - whether you are on the hunt for a good story or just want to wear a classy watch for the day.

This surveillance watch has an audio and video recording camera built into its classy face and contains a huge 8 GB's of flash memory for hours of storage.

The watch is an elegantly designed full metal watch with a glass face cover and has accurate gear driven time in seconds, minutes and hours. With a back clasp design for easily taking the watch on and off and a twisting crown for time adjustment, its made as a well as an designer timepiece, but has a secret camera that is available whenever the need arises. It has never been easier to record hours of surveillance in computer ready AVI format. This is the best way to record all your encounters, interviews, meetings and on the scene discussions without anyone knowing what you are doing.

This is an elegant DVR "spy watch" solution for the professional investigator or citizen journalist. All the features of this 8GB Spy Watch are packed into a compact size no larger than a regular high class wristwatch while being able to store hours of in the field video footage ready to be transferred to your computer when you get home.

At a Glance...
8GB USB flash drive
AVI Format (640 x 480) at 20FPS
Micro Video Spy Camcorder Built-in


31.31 EUR

10 August 2009

Vincent - Tim.Burton.Short.Animation.1982

Vincent is a stop motion animated short film by Tim Burton that was made in 1982. It is about a boy named Vincent Malloy who wishes he was Vincent Price. He is obsessed with the stories of Edgar Allen Poe, and imagines himself within a dark world akin to that of The Raven. Vincent's family tries to get him to go out and play like a normal kid, but Vincent will have none of it... he's too busy being tortured by his wild flights of fancy.

Burton made the six minute film over a two month period with his fellow animator at Disney, Rick Heinrichs. Vincent can be seen on the special edition DVD of The Nightmare Before Christmas, along with Burton's other short, Frankenweenie.

Fast Facts
Narrated by Vincent Price, who later appeared in Edward Scissorhands
Written and Directed by Tim Burton
Produced by Rick Heinrichs
Animated by Stephen Chiodo
Cinematography by Victor Abdalov
Run Time: 6 Minutes
Budget: $60,000

The Secret - Planet Earth

This is is one of the most viewed clip on youtube and you simply understand why by watch it!

The Secret Team has created this clip for you. It's features our beautiful Planet Earth. As you experience this clip you will emit positive forces of energy across Planet Earth that will reach every single living thing on it. You will lift yourself, and as you lift yourself, you lift the entire world.

The magnificent music was composed and graciously gifted for this clip by composer Jo Blankenburg.From The Secret to you, here is Planet Earth - our home.

This clip can be downloaded at http://www.thesecret.tv/planet-earth/

09 August 2009

Extreme Delivery - A Lego Animation

The story:
A small band of rebels trapped deep within an imperial fortress. Their only hope is new supplies, but to get to them will require running the gauntlet of the imperial blockade and tenacious guards. Only one man could possibly make such an 'Extreme Delivery!' Using stop-motion block-animation, Exteme Delivery features heroes, villans and special-effects galore.
And this is what I think:
Hey Dudes, this is so ownage. Not one single glitch. The Stormtroopers are such lazy, beer-addicted, and they keep bothering each other for things that doesen't matter. The animations own, and this is special effects heaven. The sound effects pwn. And the plot twist at the end.
It was slow in some parts but it was pretty cool. It must of took lots of patients and hours to do it! Great Job and funny too! Keep it up, bud.


Kiwi! by Dony Permedi

I find the work of this guy recently and immediatly want to post it!

Here it is some of his credits:

Film Festivals
Oct 2007 Student Shorts Film Festival, Toronto, Canada
Oct 2007 Chicago International Childrens Film Festival, Chicago, IL
Sep 2007 South Dakota Film Festival, Aderdeen, SD
Aug 2007 SF Shorts Film Festival, San Francisco, CA
Jun 2007 12th Babel Festival, Athens, Greece
May 2007 Short Film Corner - Festival de Cannes, Paris, France
May 2007 4th Narkolepsy Short Film Festival, Grenoble, France
May 2007 UC Davis Asian American Association Film Festival, Davis, CA
Mar 2007 San Francisco International Children’s Film Festival, San Francisco, CA
Mar 2007 The Daily Reel Online Shorts Program at SXSW, Austin, TX
Mar 2007 AFI Dallas International Film Festival, Dallas TX
Mar 2007 East Lansing Film Festival, East Lansing, MI

Please visit his site for more informations.


05 August 2009

HD Camcorder - High Definition DV Camera with 5x Optical Zoom

Hi-Def camcorder for those people who want a high level digital video camera with spec features (720P, HDMI, 5X Optical), but want to buy it at a direct from the factory budget price. Having a 3 inch flip out LCD view screen and high-def resolution, this unit will have you easily making movie quality videos in no time, and with its native HDMI output port you can watch the videos directly on your home HDTV. With this HD camcorder your personally made videos will be clearer than you ever imagined, so whether you are a youtube enthusiast, citizen journalist, or budding cinematographer, your vids will look just as good as any big budget Hollywood movie! If you are buying this for your next family trip, the high megapixel camera resolution will make all the scenery shots dazzling to behold, while also giving you the ability to shoot high megapixel still images (5MP native sensor, 12MP thru interpolation). With a massive 5x optical zoom, you can really get close to the action no matter where you are, all the while never losing the clarity of the picture! Having a high capacity SD card slot and Li-ion battery, you will have plenty of capacity to store all the days events, while at the same time being able to easily hot swap memory cards and batteries as the day goes on. A super low priced way to make your own pro style movies and videos at a family friendly budget price.

At a Glance...
High Definition Camcorder (720P)
3 inch flip out LCD view screen
5x optical zoom
Package includes everything you need to get started

Now on Special Offer
104.35 EUR

02 August 2009

Heart of Stone - HD

Heart of Stone - HD from Andrew Kornylak on Vimeo.

It's no secret that the Southeastern US has some of the best rock climbing in the country. Grassroots organizations like the Southeastern Climbers Coalition and the Carolina Climbers Coalition are gaining and preserving access to this treasure in a unique way - by buying it. the annual Triple Crown Bouldering Competition - the largest outdoor climbing competition in the world - is at the center of this access revolution. This new film celebrates what many are calling a Golden Age of discovery and stewardship in the South. It's a look at the miraculous mix of activism, generosity and respect for tradition, in the Heart of Stone.

(c) 2009 Andrew Kornylak www.akornphoto.com

and Josh Fowler www.boycottmedia.com

The Can

The Can from Carlos Lascano on Vimeo.

The Autor wrote and directed this video to be a part of a program Red Bull organized together with the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, collecting creatives from around the world.

Featured on Motionographer and Drawn on september 30, 2008



Big Buck Bunny

Big Buck Bunny from Blender Foundation on Vimeo.

Big Buck Bunny tells the story of a giant rabbit with a heart bigger than himself. When one sunny day three rodents rudely harass him, something snaps... and the rabbit ain't no bunny anymore! In the typical cartoon tradition he prepares the nasty rodents a comical revenge.

Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license


Elephants Dream

Elephants Dream from Blender Foundation on Vimeo.

The story of two strange characters exploring a capricious and seemingly infinite machine. The elder, Proog, acts as a tour-guide and protector, happily showing off the sights and dangers of the machine to his initially curious but increasingly skeptical protege Emo. As their journey unfolds we discover signs that the machine is not all Proog thinks it is, and his guiding takes on a more desperate aspect.

Elephants Dream is a story about communication and fiction, made purposefully open-ended as the world's first 3D "Open movie". The film itself is released under the Creative Commons license, along with the entirety of the production files used to make it (roughly 7 Gigabytes of data). The software used to make the movie is the free/open source animation suite blender along with other open source software, thus allowing the movie to be remade, remixed and re-purposed with only a computer and the data on the DVD or download.