30 November 2009

19 September 2009

A tribute to Everithing Bikini Blog

Those who sometimes frequent this blog will understand that the video topics treated here are not many : animation, nature, complaint documentaries , extreme sports. Now ,I don't know if it's just an extreme sport but it is an extreme concept.
This post is mainly thanks and a gift to http://www.everythingbikiniblog.com/ that was so kind with me.
I 'm not sure if it's easy or not, meet people with whom to collaborate on internet, but certainly Tricia is one of these!

13 September 2009


I had many problems in deciding whether to publish or not this documentary, but I think each one must be consciously in the world around us so...if we are not a part of the solution,then were a part of the problem.
Here you can start watching the first part on youtube and then you have to find the others.

From the home site:

EARTHLINGS is an award-winning documentary film about the suffering of animals for food, fashion, pets, entertainment and medical research. Considered the most persuasive documentary ever made, EARTHLINGS is nicknamed “the Vegan maker” for its sensitive footage shot at animal shelters, pet stores, puppy mills, factory farms, slaughterhouses, the leather and fur trades, sporting events, circuses and research labs. The film is narrated by Academy Award® nominee Joaquin Phoenix and features music by platinum-selling recording artist Moby. Initially ignored by distributors, today EARTHLINGS is considered the definitive animal rights film by organizations around the world. “Of all the films I have ever made, this is the one that gets people talking the most,” said Phoenix. “For every one person who sees EARTHLINGS, they will tell three.”

In 1999, writer/producer/director Shaun Monson began work on a series of PSAs about spaying and neutering pets. The footage he shot at animal shelters around Los Angeles affected him so profoundly that the project soon evolved into EARTHLINGS. The film would take another six years to complete because of the difficulty in obtaining footage within these profitable industries. Though the film was initially ignored by distributors, who told Monson that the film would “never see the light of day and should be swept under the rug,” today EARTHLINGS is considered the definitive animal rights film by organizations around the world.

Nation Earth was established to produce documentary films on socially urgent issues. EARTHLINGS, released in 2005, was the company's first feature film and is the first of a documentary trilogy. The company is currently at work on the second installment, UNITY, which will explore the unifying force of consciousness found in nature, animals and humankind. UNITY is scheduled to be completed in 2009.
For more information please see


28 August 2009

Nurburgring...two video!

This is a video taken by a friend of mine this summer at the Nurburgring circuit with one camera on board, one rear camera on the back-right side and one on the front-right side. Take a look at this fuckin'bastard pilot!! ten minute for 1 round circuit... Go Marco Go!!!!

27 August 2009

I'd Like To Be

I'd Like To Be from David Firth on Vimeo.

Stop Frame animated made in 2005 but didn't edit until 2007. Abstract but with a sort of plot. A man leaves his wife and kids and buries himself. Music by LOOM.I loved the effect when you see him driving the car from outside the windshield, the lights and shadows etc. Good stuff.

23 August 2009

Shadowplay (2002)

Shadowplay (2002) from Dan B. on Vimeo.

In August of 1945, in a closing chapter of the second World War, a blinding flash lit the sky over Hiroshima. The places that were shielded from that searing light became permanent shadows on the city's walls and streets, while the city itself was decimated. "Shadowplay" is the story of Akio, a shadow of a young boy, who wanders the city searching for his family, while trying to make sense of the unfathomable atrocity.

What Author says:
I am often asked what the catalyst was for me to create "Shadowplay". I first learned of the “shadow” images left from the atomic blast back in high school. Being part of a generation that is desensitized to violence, the photos of victims’ charred bodies, grotesque deformities, or other complications from radiation exposure did not strike as much of an emotional chord with me as the “shadows” of Hiroshima did.
With a blinding flash, huge slabs of concrete worked like emulsion paper, creating silhouetted photographs of that split-second of power. Shadows were left of people going about their everyday lives: a man washing a window, one casually entering a bank, another about to whip his horse. No other word more aptly describes these ghosted images in Hiroshima other than “haunting”.
These are the reflex images I think of when there is talk of nuclear threats or weapons of mass destruction. Like chalk outlines at a crime scene, the faceless poses make me realize, “This could have been anyone, anywhere.” For someone who never lived through World War II or the Atomic Age, the shadows are a timeless, unforgettable portrayal of life stopping.
As I began my career in animation, I tried to explore the medium and its boundaries in dramatic storytelling. I have been fascinated by how an audience can be moved by something so “inanimate” as animation, and wanted to see how far I could push this boundary. The shadows of Hiroshima seemed obvious subject matter to me. I knew the difficulty in trying to have an audience relate to a character with no face and no eyes, or for that matter, ones that don’t even move. But, as I learned during the basics of animation, poses are the most important aspect of character animation. No poses are more expressive and have more subtext than the shadow-people of Hiroshima.
I hope you find this film to be a touching, respectful, and heartfelt film about the horrors of war. For an American making a film about a Japanese tragedy, it seems that my film could only be aimed at a global audience, for all sides of conflicts worldwide. But I also hope than you can see the power animation can have as a means for dramatic storytelling, and that the medium still has uncharted territories to explore. I hope the images in “Shadowplay” move you the way they moved me. Thank you.
Dan Blank

Awards and Honors:
Winner: Best Animated Short


Winner: Jimmy Stewart Crystal Heart Award
Honorable Mention: Animation Category

Winner: Audience Award: Best Animation

Winner: Best Animation
ASIFA-EAST ANIMATION FESTIVAL Second Place: Best Student Animation
Second Place: Best Film
NYU FIRST RUN FESTIVAL -Best Achievement in Animation -Adam Balsano Award for a Film with a Social Significance -Award of Excellence for Cinematography - Award of Excellence for Art Direction - Award of Excellence for Score
PRODUCTION AWARDS AND GRANTS -THE 2001 George Heinemann Production Award-THE 2001 Russell Hexter Film Maker Award-THE 2001 Thomas-Gidro Frank Award-THE 2001 Clive Davis Award for Excellence in Music-THE 2000 Richard Protovin Memorial Award-THE 2000 Charles & Lucille King Family Foundation Award


Writer, Director, Animator and Produced by Dan Blank & Cynthia Allen
Cast: Jennifer Kato, Takeo Matsushita, Jun Kim, Ako.
Music: Ryan Shore

20 August 2009

Underwater Opera

Underwater Opera from Escape to Nature on Vimeo.

"Underwater Opera" - is a sample of the diving experience during project "Escape to Nature". Don't forget to turn your speakers loud to enjoy the movie!!! ;-)

Escape to nature is a long term project of two adventurous professional photographers and movie makers from Prague, Czech Republic (Petra Dolezalova & Libor Spacek).

Their sense of feeling nature leads to the idea of capturing natural parts of the world in our products and to share it with you. They would like to demonstrate everything that They're passionate about, what no one can forget, what everybody needs for life, what every person has to preserve, and what everybody has to know, and how people have to save the future!

They're at the beginning!!Keep on goin'!!!

Producer and Filmmaker: Escape to Nature (Libor Spacek and Petra Dolezalova)

Video and music edited by Tomas Dolezal (Vizage)


UW housing: GATES

Lights: 4x 250watts Green Force