26 July 2009

7-inch GPS Car DVD Player with DVB-T (2-DIN)

7-inch GPS Car DVD Player with DVB-T (2-DIN). A complete in-car navigation, communication, and entertainment solution which comes with DVD + CD player, Bluetooth pairing, SD card and USB functionality, iPod/iPhone connectivity, and a DVB-T tuner to experience digital TV in your car. Amazing - going cross country, cross continent, or simply getting stuck in traffic has never been so fun! Your car has been good to you, so treat it well with this all in one wonder featuring a simple user interface, a rich array of sought after functions, and a rugged 2-DIN form factor. Complete with WIN CE operating system to run most of today's most popular GPS navigation software titles and an extra long 3 meter magnetic GPS antenna, this winning unit will make a 200KM road trip as interesting and fun as a journey from Paris to Moscow especially since you'll be able to watch digital TV wherever it's available with the units DVB-T receiver and magnetic DVB-T antenna for maximum signal reception. What's more, this car audio unit can run multiple disk types along with a bevy of audio and video multimedia files from both USB keys and SD cards, as well as iPods and iPhones for added portability options. Whether you're a fan of The Matrix or Lost, movies and tv shows will display beautifully on the motorized sliding 7-inch LCD touchscreen display panel. Though family time is important, the choice is yours whether you want to turn off your cellphone or keep in touch with the office, but if you need to be reached, simply pair your mobile phone with this car DVD player using hands-free Bluetooth technology and you'll be able to talk into the built-in MIC while listening to your caller through your car's speaker system. Combining design excellence and the latest technology, this new car multimedia system makes a great upgrade to any personal or company vehicle. With an affordable wholesale price, this is the perfect item for DIY types or re-sellers. Buy one for your next family trip and then buy some more for your Ebay customers.



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