09 August 2009

Extreme Delivery - A Lego Animation

The story:
A small band of rebels trapped deep within an imperial fortress. Their only hope is new supplies, but to get to them will require running the gauntlet of the imperial blockade and tenacious guards. Only one man could possibly make such an 'Extreme Delivery!' Using stop-motion block-animation, Exteme Delivery features heroes, villans and special-effects galore.
And this is what I think:
Hey Dudes, this is so ownage. Not one single glitch. The Stormtroopers are such lazy, beer-addicted, and they keep bothering each other for things that doesen't matter. The animations own, and this is special effects heaven. The sound effects pwn. And the plot twist at the end.
It was slow in some parts but it was pretty cool. It must of took lots of patients and hours to do it! Great Job and funny too! Keep it up, bud.


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