20 August 2009

Underwater Opera

Underwater Opera from Escape to Nature on Vimeo.

"Underwater Opera" - is a sample of the diving experience during project "Escape to Nature". Don't forget to turn your speakers loud to enjoy the movie!!! ;-)

Escape to nature is a long term project of two adventurous professional photographers and movie makers from Prague, Czech Republic (Petra Dolezalova & Libor Spacek).

Their sense of feeling nature leads to the idea of capturing natural parts of the world in our products and to share it with you. They would like to demonstrate everything that They're passionate about, what no one can forget, what everybody needs for life, what every person has to preserve, and what everybody has to know, and how people have to save the future!

They're at the beginning!!Keep on goin'!!!

Producer and Filmmaker: Escape to Nature (Libor Spacek and Petra Dolezalova)

Video and music edited by Tomas Dolezal (Vizage)


UW housing: GATES

Lights: 4x 250watts Green Force


  1. Diving looks like so much much!! I can't dive -_-''...have to learn that asap!!

  2. This may sound weird but that is a gorgeous video. So beautiful and scareene.

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