19 August 2009

ZackBrandit revised Lookar.Tv : Thanks so much!!

I would like to thank in some way the kind crew of ZackBrandit, so I decide to publish what they say about my site; in this way everyone comes here can read how PRO they are!!
Thanks so much!


Hi Mike,Thanks for joining. We are busy but do not worry, we take at least 2 hours in the day to read, discuss the blog and give review.You said it in this post: Gnarls Barkley - Who's Gonna Save My Soul"Everything I publish on this blog has a particular attitude to art, graphic or something results unique in my perception of things"We also know a group of bloggers who have the same attitude, the same communication style and I think I met more than 2 today, :-)
These bloggers are free thinkers who enjoy chasing enriching, emotional experiences.Their goal is sharing their perception and how they feel improvement may be accomplished (it depends on the blogs), improve things and prefer offering ideas and brainstorming rather than trying to in influence their readers to think exactly like them.
Your blog content and writing style are very personal and the fact that you rarely use this blog to interact with followers shows that you prefer being part of larger communities where you prefer to get in touch with these followers.We can see that you are a laid-back blogger and who prefers not to focus only on his own knowledge.
That's why we can see various link in the blog and also all around the blog.It's the kind of blog where people can feel comfortable but the blog could sometimes looks like a monologue.You love to discover and discuss new and interesting products and services which connect with your unique set of values. People who blog like you are usually not attracted by stylish items but love art, books and bio-friendly or green products and do not hesitate to write about them and link to them; hence their use of affiliation networks.
On the other hand, most of them do not try to profit from their blogs and tend to decide against advertising, which is not your case :-) You are the exception :-)

Your readers may perceive your blog like an Idealist (Today is the Idealist Day)

The IdealistFocused on making their world a better place, the Idealists are constantly looking for the truth and its meaning.Driven by what they perceive as the greater good, they tend to have a strong value-system and find principles to be of great importance.

Your Idealist Zilhouette

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