10 August 2009

Vincent - Tim.Burton.Short.Animation.1982

Vincent is a stop motion animated short film by Tim Burton that was made in 1982. It is about a boy named Vincent Malloy who wishes he was Vincent Price. He is obsessed with the stories of Edgar Allen Poe, and imagines himself within a dark world akin to that of The Raven. Vincent's family tries to get him to go out and play like a normal kid, but Vincent will have none of it... he's too busy being tortured by his wild flights of fancy.

Burton made the six minute film over a two month period with his fellow animator at Disney, Rick Heinrichs. Vincent can be seen on the special edition DVD of The Nightmare Before Christmas, along with Burton's other short, Frankenweenie.

Fast Facts
Narrated by Vincent Price, who later appeared in Edward Scissorhands
Written and Directed by Tim Burton
Produced by Rick Heinrichs
Animated by Stephen Chiodo
Cinematography by Victor Abdalov
Run Time: 6 Minutes
Budget: $60,000

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